soap central sucks

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Soap Central is the Internet’s corniest, most sloppiest written, inept and inaccurate soap opera web site. It features bogus news, lies, erroneous character biographies, and daily bullshit of all eight soaps currently on the air. Their message boards are run by a bunch of dimwitted, fascist suburban housewives, who aren’t fit to moderate a turtle race, much less a posting forum where a variety of opinions and stances should be embraced…not shirked. Their “resident soap scoopster,” Raven Beauty is an outright fraud. Though she claims to have ‘inside sources,’ the truth is that the bitch actually latches onto already reported news, and second hand Internet gossip from other message boards, and then simply adds her own personal commentary on top of it to spin it to look as if she’s reporting something fresh. Meanwhile, the dolt moderators at the SOC’s lame ass message boards sticky’s her self-serving/self-congratulating little ‘spoiler’ column every week, as if were some sort of exclusive that—{laugh}—gives them a leg up on the competition sites.

For a better written, and better detailed, soap site check out:
ABC Daytime | Soaptown USA | Soap Zone | Llanview Labyrinth |

For a better posting forum, check out:
The Chamber

Save your soap enthusiast eyes and drive space for a better worthy soap site than that Soap Central tripe.


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